How you can help

The lifeblood of In Sue’s Name, like any charity, is the input our supporters can offer. Whatever support you can manage to give is very welcome, but these are particular things we’re looking for:


Set Up a Group

We need the charity to be spread as widely as possible across the UK. Can you spare the time to set up a local group to spread the message in your area?

Organise fundraising events

The more unusual and intriguing, the better!

Sponsor & Donate

• Do you own a company looking for sponsorship opportunities? We’re regularly in need of sponsorship for our fundraising events.

• We’ll be regularly running auctions and raffles, and we’d be grateful to anyone who can donate raffle prizes or items to be auctioned.

• We’re looking for organisations (eg local Rotary, Round Table or Lions chapters) who’d adopt our charity for a year.

• If you have experience of applying for grants from grant-making trusts, we’d be grateful for any input you could offer.

• If you have a company that does match funding as part of its corporate responsibility function, we’d ask you to consider In Sue’s Name.

• Are you in contact with any celebrity? We need celebrities who can make themselves heard as ambassadors for In Sue’s Name.


• Can you run, swim or cycle? We need people both to take part in our own sponsored events and to choose In Sue’s Name for personal sponsored efforts of any kind.

• We’re looking for supporters to come along to the events we organise – and to bring along as many friends as possible.


• Can you help us publicise the charity? Anyone with contacts in the media would be particularly valuable.

• We’re looking for schools willing to let us come and talk about the charity. Whether you’re still at school, have children at school or have any other contact with a school, we’d love an introduction.

• If you’re part of a networking group, we’d love to do a presentation to your group.

• And, last but not least, you’ll be doing a valuable job if you simply talk about brain tumours, and raise awareness within your social media and social circles of the urgent need for funding.

If you think you can help in any way, however big or small, please go to our contact page and fill in your details. We’ll be delighted to send you further information.

You give, they live

The more we raise, the more research we can do, and the sooner we can eradicate this terrible disease…