Leave a Legacy to In Sue’s Name and leave your mark on the world…

Thank you for visiting our legacies page.

A donation left to In Sue’s Name will make a huge difference to the amount of research we can fund into treatments and cures for brain cancers and tumours. And that, in turn, will speed up the rate at which we’re able to save brain cancer sufferers and their families the horror of this vicious disease.

What a legacy donation to In Sue’s Name will be used for

Our fundraising efforts are focused on financing research students at London’s Blizard Institute (https://www.qmul.ac.uk/blizard/) who are dedicated to finding out more about the causes and effects of brain tumours, particularly glioblastoma cancers.

By understanding more about the disease, they are developing potential treatments to limit the impact of the tumours, and hopefully this will ultimately lead to a cure that will eradicate it.

If we can help to achieve that, we will have saved thousands of lives each year in the UK alone, and ensured that thousands of families are spared the heartbreak of seeing their loved ones suffer.

Recognition for your generosity

Not everyone wants their legacy to be recognised, but most are happy for us to show our appreciation by publicly thanking our benefactors

  • on our website
  • in social media
  • at appropriate events
  • in other ways commensurate with the value of your contribution

If you do have any specific requests regarding ways in which you’d like yourself or a loved one to be honoured, please come and talk to us.

There are tax advantages for you and your loved ones, too

Leaving a proportion or your estate to charity can reduce – and in some situations – eliminate the Inheritance Tax liability, so if you leave something to charity in your Will, it won’t count towards the taxable value of your estate. This is called leaving a ‘charitable legacy’.

You can also reduce the Inheritance Tax rate on the remainder of your estate from 40% to 36%, if you bequeath a minimum of 10% of your ‘net estate’ to a charity.

Next steps

Creating or changing your Will needs serious consideration, but it’s a relatively simple process once you’ve made up your mind which charity or cause you’d like to benefit.

To find out more about making or updating your Will, call David Taylor in the first instance on 0800 380 0593 or speak to your own professional advisor.

You give, they live

The more we raise, the more research we can do, and the sooner we can eradicate this terrible disease…